June 08, 2023
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These Client Data System forms must be used for all Client Data System transactions with transaction dates on or after April 1, 2017. The Monthly Service Delivery form must be used beginning with the April 2017 report that is due by May 10, 2017. All Client Data System transactions with transaction dates prior to April 1, 2017 must use the previous forms located in the other tabs in this region regardless of the date they are entered in the system.

Consent Forms
Authorization for Release of Behavioral Health Information (TRS-61, October 2014)
Criminal Justice Consent for Drug Law Reform (TRS-49, October 2009)


Forms and Instructions
Admission Form (PAS-44N, October 2018)
Assessment Form (PAS-61N, October 2018)
Child in Residence Report Form (PAS-91, April 2017)
Continuing Care Form (PAS-126)
Crisis Episode Form (PAS-46N, October 2018)
Discharge Form (PAS-45N, October 2018)
Element Transition Form (PAS-125N, April 2017)
Opioid Treatment Annual Update Form (PAS-26N, April 2017)
Transfer Form (PAS-47, April 2017)
Waiting List Applicant Data Report Form (PAS-51N, August 09, 2017)
Residential Redesign Part 820 Reporting
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity FAQ


Forms and Instructions April 2017-September 2018
Admission Form (PAS-44N, April 2017-September 2018)
Assessment Form (PAS-61N, April 2017-September 2018)
Crisis Episode Form (PAS-46N, April 2017-September 2018)
Discharge Form (PAS-45N, April 2017-September 2018)


Monthly Service Delivery Report (MSD Report) Forms and Instructions
Monthly Service Delivery Report Form - Crisis Services Programs (PAS-48NC, April 2009)
Monthly Service Delivery Report Form - Programs Reporting Patient Days (PAS-48N Days, April 2009)
Monthly Service Delivery Report Form - Part 820 Programs (PAS-48N, April 2017)
Monthly Service Delivery Report Form - Part 822 Programs (PAS-48N October 2015)


CDS Information
Discharge Edit Codes (April 2017)
Discharge Status/Goal Achievement Cross Edit (October 2008)
Allowable Transfers - Program Type and Service


CDS Batch Submission
Batch Process File Specifications (March 2023)
CDS Batch Process Instructions (April 2017)
Code Table Documentation (for CDS Batch Work) (May 2023)


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