Overview of OASAS and Performance Results Monitoring

[Image of the New York State Capital Building]

OASAS plans, develops, and regulates New York State's system of chemical dependence and gambling treatment. This includes the direct operation of twelve Addiction Treatment Centers, which provide inpatient rehabilitation services to 10,000 persons per year. In addition, OASAS certifies, funds, and oversees over 1,100 local, community-based chemical dependence treatment programs, which serve approximately 115,000 persons on any given day in a wide range of comprehensive services.

The mission of OASAS is to improve the lives of New Yorkers by leading a premier system of addiction services through prevention, treatment, and recovery. OASAS envisions a future where New York State is free from chemical and alcohol dependence and problem gambling. To that end, OASAS collects patient treatment data from 450 providers with over 1,100 chemical dependence treatment programs through the Client Data System (CDS) and the Monthly Service Delivery (MSD) System.

The information obtained through CDS and MSD system can be used to: