Importance of Performance Results Monitoring

Collecting accurate and complete patient data allows each provider and New York State to better track positive patient outcomes. Tracking outcomes within the provider agencies within New York State through CDS and MSD helps establish benchmarks for performance improvement, identify technical assistance needs, and provide a means of demonstrating program effectiveness. The data collected in the CDS and MSD systems yield many indicators for performance measurement such as:

Integrated Program Monitoring and Evaluation System (IPMES) and Workscopes

Client records collected via CDS and program-level data from the MSD are the major sources of data used by OASAS to assess patient outcomes and to determine program performance. All of the indicators mentioned above are among those used by OASAS' performance measurement systems for its treatment programs: the Integrated Program Monitoring and Evaluation System (IPMES) and the Workscope Objective Attainment System (Workscopes).

[Image of chart plotting data showing an increase in performance.]