Roles of Program Administrators and Field Office Staff

[Program Administrator/Field Office Staff]

Program Administrators play an important role for provider organizations as well as for OASAS. For the purpose of this training, a Program Administrator is someone who oversees some aspect of the operations of the treatment program, whether the organization is large or small. The Program Administrator may monitor day-to-day operations and/or be responsible for all data reporting to OASAS and performance monitoring. This does not mean that the Program Administrator enters the data him or herself, but rather he/she is ultimately responsible for how the data get entered, how consistent that entry is, and the quality of the data received from the program.

Field Office Staff also perform an important role for OASAS. Field Office Staff are OASAS employees located around the state who, among other duties, are responsible for monitoring performance of OASAS-certified programs. To effectively monitor these programs and provide aid to them when they are having difficulty, Field Office Staff need to understand the factors that may be impacting program reporting, such as bad data or a change in demographics.

As a Program Administrator, you can ensure the high quality of data submissions by: