Use of Reports in Appraising Program Performance

[Screen shot of some report options]

As clinicians go about their day-to-day activities, it can be difficult to assess the level of success their program is having treating patients. Even Program Administrators and Field Office Staff can have difficulty determining the success or struggles of a program. OASAS has provided a tool that helps you to gauge how well a program or agency is doing over time. The Client Data System (CDS) and Monthly Services Delivery (MSD) System have standard reports that can be run at any time.

To facilitate improved monitoring by the providers, OASAS makes reports available directly through these two systems. These reports are run on most of the data submitted by programs into the system.

Reported data are available immediately upon saving them into the system.  Reports run subsequently will reflect that data. The exception is the IPMES/Workscope Program Performance Report, which reflects newly entered data only after the OASAS Data Warehouse updates on the weekends. These updates allow programs to monitor their data reporting on a nearly real-time basis.

You can query the data entered into CDS or MSD for your program using very flexible date parameters, as well as using other selection parameters to filter results.

You can review these reports as often as you need.